TridentOne Mass Decon Shower

Technical Specifications

The TridentOne is constructed from 6061 aluminum with a heat treatment designation of T-6. The TridentOne, and all of its parts, are machined to precision by a team of qualified technicians dedicated to perfection. Each and every TridentOne that leaves our manufacturing facility is tested for defects, assuring our clientele the best product available. Standard equipment on the TridentOne is the three -150 GPM nozzles and the swivel female 2 1/2″ (NHT) to rigid female 2 1/2″ (NHT) couplings. The telescoping arms can be easily removed for scheduled maintenance and inspection. One extra full set of seals are included with ALL Hydro-Therm, Inc. kits.

Dragon Fire X2 Gloves

Technical Specifications

MFA 86
MFA 84
MFA 73
MFA 72
MFA 96 and 97


MFA Gloves

Technical Specifications