TridentOne: Trusted Mass Decontamination from Hydro-Therm, Inc.

During a HazMat incident, First Responders need decontamination equipment they can trust for top performance in the most critical situations. At Hydro-Therm, Inc., we are proud to have earned that trust with the unrivaled water deployment capabilities of the TridentOne mass decontamination shower system. Developed from a foundational analysis of first responders’ frontline experiences and industry best-practices, TridentOne provides a turnkey solution that helps achieve successful mass decontamination for the greatest majority of people, with the greatest efficacy and efficiency.

What TridentOne Does

TridentOne is a turnkey, large capacity water deployment system that quickly and easily delivers a low pressure, high volume water shower to the greatest majority of people possible during a hazmat incident.

What TridentOne Does Differently

The TridentOne’s patented, telescoping arms create a wall of water unmatched by anything seen in the hazmat industry today. These mass decon giants dramatically increase the shower area, enabling Emergency Preparedness and Response teams to achieve successful mass decontamination for the majority of people, while reducing the risk of harm and possible contamination to the first responder. The TridentOne will connect to ANY 2.5″ discharge via the 45° or 90° coupling included in the TridentOne Kit, making this device a must- have for any First Responder or Emergency Management trailer.