About Trident One

About TridentOne

Hydro-Therm, Inc., producer of the TridentOne Mass Decontamination Shower System, is a company that was formed with one goal in mind – to save lives.  The ever-present danger of terrorism, industrial catastrophe, and mass public emergencies are the driving forces behind our research and development department. We feel if the guesswork is taken out of the picture and appropriate measures are taken to minimize the risks of all Emergency Preparedness and Response situations, then we have done our job. Our mission is to help first responders save lives by developing superior life-saving devices that deliver top performance during HazMat incidents. Guaranteed.

Our Guarantee

The TridentOne is guaranteed against defects in workmanship for the life of the unit. If your TridentOne should ever fail in any way, please contact your sales representative for immediate replacement of the unit at no charge to you. We at TridentOne feel that the client is our biggest asset and it is our goal to treat them as such.